Glasgow 2014 volunteers - legacy research

21 July 2017

New report summarises findings from a survey of clyde-sider volunteer applicants two years after the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The 23rd of July 2017 marks the three year anniversary of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Findings published here are based on the results of a survey issued two years after the Games, and are part of a wider GCPH study on the clyde-sider volunteering programme. Key findings are reported on four key legacy outcomes: ‘skills used since the Games’; ‘volunteering since the Games’; ‘social connections’; and ‘personal reflections’. 

Most respondents felt the experience was important to their life and would recommend it to others. The majority of clyde-siders continued to volunteer after the Games, often more than previously, and around two-thirds kept in touch with people that they met while volunteering. Clyde-siders also reported the benefits of involvement in providing positive memories and building self-confidence.

Analysis by age, gender and area of residence shows that demographic factors were important in shaping the volunteer experience and subsequent outcomes, and we recommend that future volunteering programmes are tailored with this in mind. 

Access the report. 

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