New analysis of cycling casualties in Scotland published

25 February 2020

Our new analysis published today, reports on cycling casualties, near misses and under-reporting of incidents.

Commissioned by Cycling Scotland, our report combines analysis of reported cycling casualties in Scotland over a 23-year period from 1995-2018, with a literature review of under-reporting of casualties and near misses. 

The report looks at overall cycling trends in Scotland, factors that influence uptake and new developments in cycling, alongside detailed analysis of cycling casualties, near misses and under-reporting of incidents.   

Several recommendations are made including the need for new and accurate reporting of cycling casualties and more detailed monitoring of who cycles in order to really understand risk, behaviour change and trends; sustained government investment to increase spending levels in line with European cities with high-levels of cycling; lower road speeds; a comprehensive safe cycling infrastructure; and improvements in police enforcement and investigation of cycling casualties. 

Download the press release (PDF)

Access the full report and executive summary