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Findings Series 22 - Active Travel

Sep 2009

This briefing paper outlines the findings from a study, commissioned by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health to explore attitudes and values towards travel in and around Glasgow.

The purpose of the research was to answer the following questions:

  • What are the attitudes and norms regarding travel to various locations in and around the Glasgow conurbation?
  • What are the barriers to the use of specific travel modes amongst those travelling in and around the Glasgow conurbation?
  • How easy or difficult is it for people to adopt active travel modes considering attitudinal and infrastructural barriers to change, or support for existing choices?

Data was collected via ‘vox pop’ video interviews and focus groups.  It was found that travel mode tended to be chosen based on perceptions of convenience, rather than being entirely habitual.  The paper summaries findings with regards to walking, cycling, travel by bus, and car use and makes a series of recommendations for action. 


Attitudes toward active travel in Glasgow: Findings from a qualitative research project

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