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Findings Series 21 - Community responses to Let Glasgow Flourish

Oct 2009

This briefing paper outlines the findings from a study which gathered community responses to a report titled ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’.

‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ was a comprehensive report of the health of the city of Glasgow and its determinants.  This new study aimed to:

  • establish how recognisable the city described in ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ is to the people who live there;
  • identify issues that the public health perspective misses;
  • recognise the differences of opinion within the city about the causes of and solutions to health inequalities; and
  • canvass opinions from the grassroots of the city on actions for change.  

Via ‘roadshows’ and focus groups, the study found that, when it comes to the health of the city, bad news is seen as the norm.  Expectations of poor health are so entrenched that good news stories are met with surprise.  In terms of what should be done, the idea of a person-centred approach emerged strongly (recognition of difference) as did action to tackle the city’s culture around alcohol (recognition of common influence). 

Community responses to Let Glasgow Flourish

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