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Who runs in Glasgow?

Nov 2012

This report looks at participation in three of Glasgow’s annual running events: the Great Scottish Run; the Junior Great Scottish Run; and the Women’s 10K.  The findings show good participation from across Scotland, and high levels of participation from Glaswegians, but wide socioeconomic and neighbourhood disparities within this.

Entry data from the three events over the last four years (2008 to 2011) was analysed focussing on the age, gender, geographic and deprivation profile of Glasgow entrants and showed disparities in terms of both age and gender. For example, teenage girls are less likely to participate in the junior race than boys, while older adults are less likely to participate in the adult races. 

There are also large variations across Glasgow in terms of where you live – people living in the least deprived areas of Glasgow are four to six times more likely to enter than people from the most deprived areas. 

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Who Runs In Glasgow

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