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Assessing individual and community impacts of Stalled Spaces-funded projects

Oct 2015

This study explored the health, wellbeing and social impacts of Stalled Spaces-funded projects on active participants and the wider community. Stalled Spaces is a Glasgow City Council project which provides funding for community groups to improve the quality of underused spaces through short-term lease agreements.

A mixed methods approach was adopted which included a participant survey (n<105) and 12 semi-structured interviews with project leads (n=6) and volunteers (n=6). The research was conducted following conversations with Glasgow City Council staff involved in delivering the initiative. 

A range of activities were undertaken at the sites included in the study, including general maintenance/clearing and the development of useable greenspace. Several sites also provided a functional space for growing food, planting, workshops and educational activities.

Survey results and interview findings show that funding provided through Stalled Spaces has had a positive effect on the wellbeing of most participants, providing important opportunities for socialising, learning new skills and personal development. Community benefits were also found through events held at Stalled Spaces funded sites, spin-off activities and through increased support for other local projects. These positive findings were reported amidst challenges around maintaining interest from the wider community, securing long-term funding and uncertainty over lease agreements.

Stalled Spaces funding can provide opportunities for people with a variety of needs and aspirations. The results here show that people of different ages and backgrounds have benefited in a range of ways, some profoundly, others in a more everyday sense. While funding has commonly been supplemented by other forms of financial support, Stalled Spaces funding has contributed to the regeneration process throughout Glasgow and brought about other forms of local activity.   

These findings could potentially have implications for the future development and monitoring of the Stalled Spaces initiative, how it is promoted and how similar approaches to community-led regeneration could be rolled out elsewhere.

Three appendices are also available.

Appendix 1: Open Space provision, including vacant and derelict land, in North East Glasgow.
Appendix 2: Open Space provision, including vacant and derelict land, in North West Glasgow.
Appendix 3: Open Space provision, including vacant and derelict land, in South Glasgow.

Stalled Spaces Final

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