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Changing urban contexts: delivering a healthy and inclusive green recovery

Feb 2021

COVID-19 has re-emphasised the importance of space, accessibility, and the quality of the built and natural environment to health and wellbeing.

For Glasgow, the unique physical and spatial characteristics of the city have meant that the experience of living during the pandemic has varied greatly across the population. Typically, people with existing vulnerabilities and fewer resources have been the worst affected. This can be considered both in terms of exposure to the virus and through the impacts of containment policies.

This report explores the role of socio-demographic and ‘place factors’ such as housing, spatial features, neighbourhood resources, and transport and travel, in shaping the Glasgow population’s experience, behaviour, and exposure to COVID-19.

Whole systems approaches, which encourage community participation, are advocated to support recovery and transition from the pandemic, and a range of recommendations are offered to facilitate the fair distribution of the city’s built and natural resources.

Changing urban contexts report

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