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Young People's Transitions Report

Sep 2022

Commissioned by the GCPH and carried out by The Lines Between, this report outlines the findings of the Young People’s Transitions pilot study. It explores the lived experiences of young people across the social gradient as they transition to an independent adult life. The study aimed to explore factors that support or hinder young people as they face important transitions such as leaving school, moving out of the family home, and moving into further or higher education or employment.     

You're getting 'what do you want to do when you leave school?', all the important stuff about being an adult, but you want to just be 17.

The pilot study arose from concerns about the cumulative effects of economic recession and public spending cuts on young people, particularly in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent austerity measures and welfare reforms. These socio-economic changes are thought to have had a disproportionate impact on young people. Subsequently, the COVID-19 pandemic presented further challenges which are discussed in the report. 

We didn't get work experience in school. When they send you away for a week somewhere, what you're interested in just to give you a clue, you're in that environment working with people. But because of COVID, we missed out this year. And I think that's left a lot of people still confused.

The report outlines the findings of the pilot study which focused on: 

  • Challenges and barriers to transitioning 
  • Existing supports and influences 
  • Supports required 
  • Impact of COVID on young people and transitions 
  • Perceptions and experiences of transitioning to adulthood 

It also discusses how the insights and learning from this pilot study can increase understanding of the issues that affect young people and potentially inform future work in this area. 

Young Person Transitions Road Map

Download the presentation slides from the launch event.

Click here for a report on the event held to launch the Young People's Transitions report.

GCPH Young People s Transitions Research CV7 FINALrefs

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