Changing life expectancy in the UK

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Mortality rates, and related indicators such as life expectancy, are important markers of the overall health of a population.

We, and others, have previously reported the profound and deeply concerning changes to these indicators that have been seen in Scotland, and across the UK, since around 2012: a stalling in mortality improvements overall, increasing death rates among the most deprived communities, and a widening in inequalities. 

There is an urgent need to understand the causes of these changes, and consequently what is required to reset the course towards improving population health once again. These resources set out to do just that.

First, we created a three-minute animation which explains the worrying changes and why they matter. This is accompanied by a factsheet which sets out the supporting evidence for each line of the animation script.

Watch the animation

Access the factsheet

Second, our report ‘Resetting the course for population health’, provides detailed analysis and evidence of the changes that have occurred, the most likely contributory causes and the actions required at different levels to address them. The recommendations are targeted at UK, Scottish and the local level and focus on macroeconomic policy, social security, work, taxation, public services, material needs, improved understanding, and social recovery from Covid-19. 

Access the ‘Resetting the course for population health’ report 

Most recently, we produced an updated summary of the mortality trends in Scotland and the UK with the most recent data and evidence available.

Access 'Changing mortality trends in Scotland and the UK: an updated summary'

'Changing life expectancy in Scotland and the UK' presentation

A brief presentation on the concerning latest changes to life expectancy and mortality rates in Scotland and also across the UK was recently given both to Glasgow City Council and to a cross-party committee at the Scottish Parliament.

Watch the presentation here

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