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There is a growing awareness that our food system needs to become fairer, healthier and more sustainable if we are to tackle some of today’s social, economic, environmental and public health challenges. Food insecurity among vulnerable individuals and families is growing rapidly due to increasing levels of economic hardship.

Increasing numbers of local authorities across the world are committed to developing more sustainable food systems, and many of them are signatories to the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration launched at COP26. Within the UK and Europe, there are many cities which, like Glasgow and London, are delivering on local food strategies and plans supported by networks such as the UK Sustainable Food Places NetworkSustainable Food in Urban Communities and Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.

objectives icon Project objectives

  • To lead and support the development of a more coordinated and collaborative approach to improving the food system in Glasgow in terms of supporting health, equity, and sustainability. 
  • To have a dedicated staff member to play a pivotal role in developing a city-wide collaborative Food Plan.

involved icon What is involved

Glasgow Food Policy Partnership (GFPP) was formed in 2014, bringing together key public, private and voluntary sector organisations with the objective of supporting action to create a fairer, healthier, more sustainable and resilient food system in Glasgow. It is part of the UK-wide Sustainable Food Places (SFP) network of over 90 cities and councils from around the UK working to improve the food system at a local level. The Scottish SFP network now has 14 members, and a part-time Sustainable Food City Coordinator (SFCC). Hosted by GCPH, the coordinator acts as the main liaison for both the UK and Scottish networks. 

In May 2019, a Glasgow Food Summit was held which demonstrated support  for, and started to shape, a City Food Plan. This built on a number of participative events which had previously taken place to discuss how Glasgow might become a sustainable food city and what practical actions could be undertaken. 

The Glasgow City Food Plan was subsequently developed by a team comprising GFPP, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Glasgow Community Food Network. This team worked with over 80 stakeholders, in six working groups, to develop actions for the plan which went out to a public consultation from October to December 2020. Responses from individuals and organisations were incorporated into the final 10-year plan. 

People growing salads in a large greenhouse.

findings icon Findings & outcomes

The Glasgow City Food Plan 2021-2031 was launched in June 2021.

In 2022 an annual report was published which assessed the early progress of the Food Plan. Successes of particular note were Glasgow-based projects that have attracted substantial external funding because of the integrated and collaborative approach being taken in the city (e.g. NHS-led ‘Thrive Under 5’ and the Glasgow Community Food Network-led ‘Food and Climate Action’ projects).   

In November 2023, Glasgow was awarded Sustainable Food Places (SFP) Silver Award recognising the success of taking a joined up, holistic approach to food and achieving significant positive change on a range of key food issues. This follows on from Glasgow’s Bronze SFP award from June 2021.

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