Tenant participation in the private rented sector

This project reviewed existing evidence on tenant participation and activism in the private rented sector. We looked at global evidence from the academic literature as well as UK-wide evidence from the ‘grey’ literature.

We took a Realist approach to processing and analysing this evidence. This means that instead of asking “does tenant participation and activism work in the private rented sector?”, we asked “what kinds of activism and participation work, for whom and in what circumstances?”. We looked at literature on tenant participation in the private rented sector, as well as other relevant work from outside this narrow field.

In doing so we aimed to:

  • Map out causal pathways that enable us to better understand what types of participation and activism work in generating positive housing and other outcomes for tenants in the private rented sector, in what circumstances and why
  • Draw on literature from other areas (most notably the social rented sector) to enhance our understanding of how to improve tenant participation and housing outcomes in the private rented sector

We carried out this review in partnership with the University of Stirling and the project was funded by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE).

This project had significant input and oversight from organisations across the UK, including Generation Rent, Shelter, TPAS Scotland, Scottish Association of Landlords, Supporting Communities (NI), Housing Rights (NI), Northern Ireland Housing Executive and Tai Pawb.

A report on the findings of this review was published by CaCHE by the end of 2019.

View a short animation outlining the research.

If you would like to find out more please contact Lisa Garnham at the GCPH or Steve Rolfe at the University of Stirling.