Community Health & Wellbeing Profiles for Greater Glasgow and Clyde

These profiles are now 6 years old and much of the data is even older.  Our neighbourhood profiles for Glasgow, published in 2014, provide much more up-to-date health information for Glasgow.

In 2008, we published a set of community health profiles building on the success of similar health profiles produced by NHS Health Scotland in 2004. 

Profiles were produced for 10 Community Health (and Care) Partnership within the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. As well as presenting information for the whole community, the same set of indicators are provided for smaller areas within each community.   

Profiles are available for the following: 

Data files are also available to download under the following headings-


Child health



Housing & transport

Mental health



(Both files include numbers and rates of death for all causes, cancer deaths (under 75), cerebrovascular disease deaths (under 75), coronary heart disease deaths (under 75), suicides and alcohol related deaths)



Social Work