Power as a health and social justice issue

This short web-based animation on power as a health and social justice issue has been developed through a collaboration with NHS Health Scotland.

Power graphic - text reads 'Power has a real effect on our health and wellbeing'The film builds on Health Scotland's work on the theory and evidence relating to power as a fundamental cause of health inequalities and our work on community engagement and empowerment. This work was carried out through the Public Health Evidence Network (PHEN).

Power graphic - text reads 'A healthier and fairer future, where power is more equally shared, is possible. How will you use your power to make it happen?'This animation can help support people working in the public and third sectors and increase understanding of the importance of power in shaping social and health inequalities. We hope it will encourage them to consider how they can help support communities to have more power.  

The film is relevant to plans to implement the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act, which are developing. It is a tool that can help stimulate further discussion about the opportunities that the Act brings to share power more equally in communities across Scotland.

You can view the animation using the player on our edShare profile or on Health Scotland's website. You can also download a transcript of the film (PDF).


Power graphic - text reads 'Scotland's Community Empowerment Act requires public bodies to develop public services with communities'Power graphic - text reads 'Power doesn't belong to any one person but exists in the relationships between people'Power graphic - text reads 'Policy makers and service providers have a responsibility to engage,involve and empower communities'