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Findings Series 6 - Incapacity Benefit in Glasgow & Scotland

Date: July 2007
Category: Briefing Paper
Author: GCPH

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This briefing paper presents findings from an examination of the ‘stock’ of incapacity benefits (IB) claimants and investigates the ‘on’ and ‘off’ flow in Glasgow.

Glasgow has a particular problem in terms of the absolute size of its incapacity benefit (IB) claimant population and the fact that this population represents a high proportion of the working age population. There is a higher proportion of the working age population in Glasgow claiming IB than in the rest of Scotland. This briefing paper summarises the IB context in the UK, Glasgow’s challenge in tackling, the UK policy response and defines IB and types of IB claimant. The paper presents the findings from a study investigating the nature and number of IB claimants in Glasgow in comparison with the West of Scotland and Scotland as a whole from 1999 to 2006. The paper outlines the methodology adopted and sources of information cited, key findings and research recommendations for future research investigating the interaction between health status, the labour market and policy intervention as they affect this vulnerable group.