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Findings Series 29 - Children's school travel

Date: February 2011
Category: Briefing Paper
Author: GCPH

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This briefing paper relates to GCPH's "Moving in the right direction?" research programme, set up in 2008 to develop new knowledge and understanding and to evaluate the impact of travel-based policies and initiatives in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region. 

It reflects the increasing importance placed on improving physical activity and developing sustainable transport by global, national and local authorities. The Scottish Government promotes active travel and regards increased walking and cycling as a way to 'ease congestion, reduce noise pollution, cut exhaust emissions and improve our health'. The Government has provided funding to local authorities for walking, cycling and 'safer streets' projects, and many schools have, or are working on, school travel plans. 

Despite extensive efforts on promoting active school transport, there is little evidence that trends in active travel to school are moving in the right direction. Briefing paper 29 summarises the main findings of our analysis of children’s travel in the region and draws on a longer, more detailed report which will be made available on the GCPH website soon.

Briefing paper 28 summarises findings of a related analysis of adult travel.