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Interim Evaluation of the Govanhill Equally Well Test-site

Date: July 2011
Category: Report
Author: Chris Harkins, James Egan and Pauline Craig

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Partnership Approaches to Address Local Health Inequalities - An interim evaluation of the Govanhill Equally Well Test-site

Govanhill is one of the eight areas which were awarded Equally Well Test-site status in 2008. 

The Govanhill Equally Well Test-site evaluation aims to*:

1. Assess the outcomes and effects of the work of the Govanhill Neighbourhood Management Group (GNMG) in terms of reducing health inequalities and minimising social and environmental risks to health forced by Govanhill in comparison to other areas of Glasgow. 

2. Gain insight into the development of the GNMG in relation to the process of moving towards new organisational working to reduce the social and health inequalities faced by Govanhill. 

This report on the Govanhill Test-site is a 'mid-point summation' of interim learning themes emerging from the Test-site. 

In keeping with Equally Well recommendations this paper also presents quantitative analysis on health outcomes in Govanhill compared to a nearby city neighbourhood and Glasgow City. 



*these aims as well as the full outline of the Evaluation Plan can be found in a separate GCPH published report - 'Local Evaluation Plan for the Govanhill Equally Well Test Site'