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Equally Well Glasgow Test Site: Summary and Key Evaluation Findings

Date: June 2011
Category: Report
Author: The Glasgow Equally Well Test Site Monitoring and Evaluation Team

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'Equally Well' is a report of the Scottish Government's Taskforce on Health Inequalities which called for the creation of test sites to explore innovative ways of working. The Glasgow test site is trialling an approach to reducing health inequalities and tackling obesity by incorporating health into planning policy and practice.

The Glasgow Test Site objectives are as follows:

  1. Develop good practice in incorporating health within the planning process.
  2. Incorporate lessons learnt from existing work in the sector, particularly by using experience and materials generated through the East End Local Development Strategy (EELDS) work.
  3. Provide new and innovative means for planners, public health, other sectors, and local communities to engage with each other.
  4. Offer new ways of shaping the health impact of private sector investment in buildings and land.
  5. Assess the impact of such changes on the health wellbeing of local populations, with a key focus on inequalities.