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Young people's representations of drinking in Scotland

Date: March 2012
Category: Report
Author: Pete Seaman, Fiona Edgar and Charlie Hackett

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Alcohol through our eyes: Young people's representations of drinking in Scotland 

This book is based on the research project that explored how young people use alcohol as they transition to adulthood. As part of this study, focus groups were carried out with young people aged between 16 and 30. During these focus groups, the young people drew and created visual materials in the form of t-shirts, comic strips and speech bubbles. These have provided a rich insight into young adults' alcohol use and so this book was put together in order to showcase the young men and women's representations of alcohol, through their eyes. 

More information about the research is available in the companion report 'Creating better stories: Alcohol and gender in transitions to adulthood' as well as the supporting briefing paper 'Young people, gender and alcohol'. (You can download these supporting documents by clicking on their names.)


If you would like to request hard copies of this book please contact Pete Seaman via email