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Assessing the health impacts of neighbourhood improvements in Calton

Date: May 2014
Category: Report
Author: ODS Consulting

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This report and the accompanying scrapbooks are the products of research by ODS Consulting into the impact of neighbourhood improvements in Calton, Glasgow since 2010.

This research has been completed as part of the Glasgow City Equally Well Test Site, which worked with partners to carry out a community Street Audit in Calton to establish priorities for the future improvement of the neighbourhood.The research carried out for this study was mainly qualitative, involving four walkabout sessions with local community groups and interviews with stakeholders.

We hope that the report findings will help to shape the future development of Calton; they are also more widely relevant in terms of the use of Street Audits and Community Walkabouts as a way of engaging with communities around neighbourhood issues.

The scrapboooks that accompany the report use photos and key quotes from community members to illustrate perceptions of change in the area since the Street Audit took place.  These can be downloaded as PDFs below:

Community Scrapbook: local businesses and artists

Community Scrapbook: Friends of Glasgow Green

Community Scrapbook: PEEK Project - local children and young people

Community Scrapbook: Calton Area Association

There is also a related briefing paper:

BP 47: Using street audit approaches to determine neighbourhood priorities