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Travel to school in Glasgow: analysis of results from the Hands Up Survey

Date: March 2017
Category: Report
Author: Karen McPherson

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This report looks at travel to school in Glasgow, using data from the Hands Up Survey conducted across Scottish schools by Sustrans each year to determine how school pupils travel to school. While reports are prepared and published for Scotland as a whole by Sustrans, and results described at a local authority level, they are not further broken down. 

This report looks at the data for Glasgow and considers it in greater detail and by individual school. 

This reports forms part of a series of reports detailing descriptive analyses of data relating to cycling in Glasgow. These reports provide a picture of aspects of current cycling activity within the city. The other three reports cover cycle journeys on the Anderston-Argyle Street Bridge, cycle journeys on the South West City Way, and analysis of Glasgow’s public bike hire scheme. Our infographic has the key findings from this research:

Hands Up Survey infographic - if you require and accessible version or a transcript please email