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Community engagement report: the M74 study

Date: November 2017
Category: Report
Author: Fiona Crawford, Louise Foley and the M74 community engagement team

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In 2011, a new five-mile, six-lane section of the M74 motorway was opened, running through predominantly deprived neighbourhoods in south-eastern Glasgow. We conducted a study to assess how this new urban motorway affected travel and activity patterns, road accidents and wellbeing in local communities.

Alongside the study, we conducted a complementary programme of community engagement in two phases. The first conducted prior to the study, and the second once emerging study findings were available.

In the first phase, local community organisations were invited to comment on whether issues associated with the motorway were of concern. This initial engagement gave us a sense of what was important to communities, helped us build relationships, and raised awareness of the study among local stakeholders.

In the second phase, a series of community events were organised to communicate emerging study findings. Attendees included representatives from government, community groups and local residents.

As well as informing the study design and interpretation of findings, our community engagement was intended to stimulate consideration of how study findings might promote action and change in the interests of communities. 

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