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Evaluation of Glasgow’s Volunteering Charter

Date: March 2018
Category: Report
Author: Gregor Yates and David Bomark

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This report presents findings from a small-scale process evaluation of Glasgow’s Volunteering Charter – a programme delivered by Volunteer Glasgow which encourages organisations across the city to review and improve their volunteering practice. The Charter has been created with support from the city’s Strategic Volunteering Framework (SVF) governance group partners to help deliver the Community Planning Partnership’s shared SVF objectives to:

  • Increase recognition of the contribution of volunteering to local and national priorities.
  • Promote quality volunteer management practice to ensure positive volunteering experiences.
  • Increase the number and type of opportunities in which volunteers can get involved.
  • Increase the number of people volunteering. 

In order to reach Charter Mark status, organisations are asked to sign up to at least one of two pledges: to increase the number of volunteering roles within the organisation; or to increase the diversity of the volunteer workforce. Findings are based on ten interviews from Charter signatory organisations, with representation from the public sector, third sector and partnership organisations. Additionally, a feedback session took place with members of staff to consider how the interview findings should shape the future development of the Charter.

Recommendations are offered in relation to how signatory organisations can be best supported in the future, how fit for purpose the existing pledges are, the future promotion of the Charter and how support from Volunteer Glasgow is most usefully provided for current and future signatory organisations.