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Testing approaches to increase cancer screening in the Clyde Gateway area

Date: May 2020
Category: Report
Author: Gregor Yates and Russell Jones

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This report presents findings from a GCPH evaluation of Clyde Gateway’s Enhanced Screening Opportunities project. We were commissioned by Clyde Gateway to highlight the main lessons from the project and to propose how this learning could shape future approaches to cancer screening at a local or national level.

Interviews took place with stakeholders involved in each of the project’s five strands (Communication, Evaluation, Adults with Learning Disabilities, Community Health Pathways and Sandyford Pop-up Clinics), while project advisory group meetings were attended to assess developments over time.

Each project strand is summarised alongside specific learning/key findings, before the overall learning themes for the project are presented. This covers the project purpose, barriers to screening attendance in the Clyde Gateway area, the approach taken to targeting attendees, how local people were involved, how partnerships were developed within the project and externally, challenges relating to the project’s impact and how this is measured, and the long-term sustainability of the approach.