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Concepts Series 6

Date: April 2008
Category: Briefing Paper
Author: GCPH

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This briefing paper provides a short summary of the report ‘Will Glasgow Flourish?: learning from the past, analysing the present and planning for the future’.

‘Will Glasgow Flourish?' was produced in order to provide the necessary wider context for the GoWell study and to help stimulate debate regarding the impact of past and present regeneration policy on the health and wellbeing of Glasgow citizens. This review was informed by a broad socio-logical approach to public health and brings together comprehensive range of information on health and its determinant. The paper presents a ‘Story of Glasgow’ for the 20th century, identifies the challenges to health and wellbeing in Glasgow in the 21st century and summarises the policies, strategies and plans which influence current regeneration activity in the city and describes current major initiatives. The paper concludes by reflecting on what the authors consider to be some of the important lessons from learnt from history and how we might make best use of these lessons today.