What have we learned about active travel?

Active travel synthesis infographicIn 2007, we established a programme of work to gather and analyse information about levels of active travel, to improve understanding of trends and influences on travel choices, and to evaluate the impact of transport policies and programmes on active, sustainable travel in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley area.

Since then the programme has collated and analysed national survey and routine data to provide information and trends on modes of travel and casualties for different population groups, conducted wide-ranging research to explore travel patterns and attitudes towards active travel in and around Glasgow, and convened seminars and workshops to discuss the emerging issues and possible ways forward.

Our active travel synthesis report brings together our learning on transport and health, with a specific focus on active travel. 

The report emphasises the importance of:

  • greater leadership and investment in active travel, and improved co-ordination across transport, planning, health improvement, air quality and climate change policies and programmes
  • raising the profile of active travel in urban planning and infrastructure development
  • supporting culture and behaviour change, as part of a wider strategic approach
  • improving monitoring data on active travel, in order to understand which interventions are impacting on active travel trends and how. 

This report is intended to stimulate thinking and provide the basis for discussion with and between the Centre’s partners and networks about the further actions that are needed to increase levels of active travel in Scotland.

There was a presentation on the synthesis report given by Jill Muirie at our 2017 active travel seminar.