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Active sustainable travel

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Please note this page includes all our historic outputs on active sustainable travel from 2007 up to 2023. You can find our most recent research on active sustainable travel in our current projects section or the specific research project pages.

Active forms of travel, including walking, cycling and wheeling, are not only important to health for their contribution to increasing physical activity, but also to help address obesity, improve mental health, tackle climate change, reduce air pollution, and can help build more connected communities. Active travel is an intrinsic part of a sustainable transport system, one that prioritises low carbon transport choices and comprises multiple modes, including walking, cycling, wheeling, public transport, and car sharing.

We have a long-established programme of research on active and sustainable travel. This has involved:

  • Collating and analysing national survey and routine data to understand trends on modes of travel and casualties for different population groups.
  • Conducting research to explore travel patterns and influences on travel choices.
  • Evaluating the impact of transport policies, new infrastructure and active travel investments on health and inequalities.
  • Convening seminars and workshops to discuss emerging issues and possible ways forward.

Older couple cycling on a path in the woods, with purple flowers lining the path.

From this evidence we have demonstrated the strong health, social inclusion, and environmental benefits for reducing car use and increasing sustainable travel. We have made recommendations of ways to do this, and have informed transport and health-related policy and practice in Glasgow and beyond.

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resources icon Further resources & reading

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