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Health in a changing city: Glasgow 2021

Date: August 2021
Category: Report
Author: Bruce Whyte, Mairi Young, Katharine Timpson

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This report provides a comprehensive analysis of changes in population, socioeconomic, environmental and health factors over the last 20 years within Glasgow and in comparison with Scotland. Although most of the analyses precede the Covid-19 pandemic, emerging evidence of the impacts of the pandemic is reviewed.

The report highlights the changing deprivation profile of Glasgow, multiple inequalities experienced by children, reductions in life expectancy and widening health inequalities, worsening mental health trends and increasing concerns over ethnic and racial inequality, racial discrimination and gender-based inequality experienced by women.

Policy recommendations focus on addressing health and social inequality, tackling gender-based and ethnic and racial inequalities, prioritising mental health especially of children and young people and the need to accelerate action on climate change. 

Download the executive summary (PDF).

There is also an accompanying set of factsheets outlining nine topic areas and are available to download as PDFs below:

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