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Glasgow's Healthier Future Forum 21

19 Apr 2018, 9.00am - 1.00pm

200SVS, 200 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5RQ, United Kingdom

Healthier Future Forum

Resilience in Glasgow: where next?

This event was an opportunity to discuss how we can build on the momentum established through Glasgow’s approach to what future challenges and opportunities may be and where the resilience concept can take us next. 

In recent years, resilience has grown in significance within policy and practice responses to the challenges that face us, ranging from responses to climate change, inequalities and economic uncertainty. The launch of Glasgow City Council’s resilience strategy in September 2016 was a significant moment for the city, defining resilience as ‘the capacity to endure, adapt and generate new ways of thinking and functioning in the face of change, uncertainty and adversity’.  The document identified four strategic pillars to focus action to increase our resilience: empowering communities, unlocking place-based solutions, innovating to promote economic growth and fostering civic participation. 

Speakers included Duncan Booker, Glasgow’s Chief Resilience Officer and Sarah Toy, Chief Resilience Officer for Bristol’s resilience strategy. Workshops allowed exploration of areas where resilience responses are being practiced and help contribute to their continuing development. The workshops focused on early years, social protection, community planning, community engagement and climate adaptation.

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