Lynn Naven
Public Health Research Specialist


Phone: 0141 330 2697


Lynn provides leadership and expertise across the Centre’s work theme concentrating on Action on Inequality across the Life-course, in terms of research, strategic knowledge exchange, and supporting and advising partners in order to increase their capacity to tackle inequalities. 

A key component of Lynn’s work has been in the area of child poverty.  She was lead researcher on the evaluation of the Healthier, Wealthier, Children (HWC) project and continues to play a strategic role in using evidence and experience to inform action on child poverty and identify opportunities to influence national policy by representing GCPH on a number of partner advisory and working groups related to child poverty.  Part of Lynn’s work involved giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament Social Security Committee on Benefit Take-up, to help inform the new Scottish devolved benefits strategy. 

In her role as project manager of the 'Right Here, Right Now' project, which aimed to capture, in real time, people’s experiences of the rapidly changing economic and social environment, Lynn led in planning, managing and co-ordinating project activities and working with advisory group members to ensure the successful delivery of the RHRN key aims and objectives.

Current work includes exploring gaps in knowledge about issues for young people as they transition through youth to adulthood, working with Glasgow City Council to assess the potential implications of an initiative to tackle homelessness and working with NHS colleagues to support and inform the development of a new approach to addressing mental health need through links with appropriate services at primary care level. A continuous thread running through the Inequalities work theme involves identifying and following up potential links between ‘action on inequalities’ work and other local and national developments and strengthening our strategic partnership links.