Dr Jennifer McLean
Public Health Programme Manager


Phone: 0141 330 2614


Jennifer is a Public Health Programme Manager and she co-leads a research programme exploring the use of innovative approaches for improving outcomes, supporting transitions to new ways of working and community-based responses to population health improvement. 

Building on earlier work, Jennifer continues to have a strong interest in the theory, evidence base and examples of asset-based practice in community and health care settings.

Jennifer is also the lead manager for the pSoBid study, where she works closely with the research team to ensure the programme is appropriately governed and supports the production of academic outputs, contributes to GoWell, a study of housing, health and regeneration in the City and is part of the Children’s Neighbourhood Scotland team, a place-based initiative that places a focus on joining up efforts across services and sectors to ensure better coordination, integration of local support systems and a coherent set of networks for children and families and the communities in which they live. 

Jennifer is also an honorary lecturer at the University of Glasgow.