Val McNeice
Senior Public Health Research Specialist


Phone: 0141 330 2660


Val is a Senior Public Health Research Specialist, working across the Centre’s programmes to provide expertise on community-based research and evaluation.

Val focuses largely on early years education, childcare, and family support. Her current work includes the evaluation of CHANGE (Childcare and Nurture in Glasgow East) which aims to establish a new, locally appropriate model of childcare provision. Val is also working on an evaluation of Stepping Stones for Families’ Family Wellbeing Service; and supporting TASK Childcare Services in Gorbals, Glasgow with outcomes planning and evaluation of their work. She is part of a multi-agency team working with families in urban and rural areas to explore the ‘cost of the pregnancy pathway’, with a view to reducing the financial burden for low-income families. 

Previously, Val worked on evaluating the provision of parenting support across Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and on citizenship in the early years.

More broadly, Val has studied asset-based approaches, publishing, most recently, on asset-based approaches in health and social care service settings. And, in terms of resilience, Val is part of the multi-agency ‘Resilient Glasgow’ team and jointly authored a review of the literature on resilience for public health. To support Glasgow city’s Resilience Strategy, Val worked with colleagues at Glasgow City Council to produce a short animation which tells the story of the city’s resilience journey.  

Val has a particular interest in the many forms that data and evidence can take, and in participatory research and evaluation methods. She believes in using a broad range of knowledge to inform public health decision-making, and in ensuring participation in research and evaluation is a positive experience. With the Scottish Community Development Centre, Val was part of the Animating Assets action research team and also works on ‘Weathering Change’ – an action research programme with a focus on climate change resilience.