Dr Mairi Young
Public Health Research Specialist




Please note Mairi works Tuesday-Thursday.

Mairi’s background is in Health Psychology, and Dental Public Health where she contributed to the Childsmile evaluation for her PhD. Before joining the centre, Mairi worked at Glasgow Caledonian University researching public awareness of Antimicrobial Resistance via mass media interventions.

Some of her previous work at the centre includes: the Evaluation of CHANGE (Childcare and Nurture in Glasgow East), which in partnership with Children in Scotland, focused on access to and use of childcare services in the east end of Glasgow; and contribution to the Children's Report Cards, which presented public health information on health and wellbeing of children and young people in Glasgow. Her work focused on the positive and negative impact of social media on health and wellbeing.

Mairi also co-authored the review of Cycling casualties in Scotland, the findings of which emphasised the importance of continuing to build on active travel in Scotland. This work helped to shape GCPH's response to the Road Safety Framework to 2030 consultation. Future work aims to expand on this research and include pedestrian casualties and further analysis on hit and run casualties.

Mairi was recently involved in the 'Health in a changing city: Glasgow 2021' report which provides a comprehensive analysis in population, socioeconomic, environmental and health factors over the last 20 years in Glasgow; including emerging evidence of the impact of Covid-19 on these indicators. She specifically contributed research on mental health, women’s safety, and gender-based and racial inequalities.

Mairi co-authored a series of blogs focusing on Gender Inequalities.  These highlighted the various areas in which women and non-binary people are marginalised, what is driving these social and systemic failures, and what could drive change. These blogs were published on the GCPH website on International Women’s Day 2022.