Dr Lisa Garnham
Public Health Research Specialist


Phone: 0141 330 1924


Lisa is currently on maternity leave.

Lisa’s background is in health geography, especially the role of place in the relationship between socio-political change and public health.

She is currently working on two of the Centre’s collaborative projects with the University of Stirling. The first is the longitudinal Housing through Social Enterprise study, which examines tenants’ health, wellbeing and housing experiences across the social and private rented sectors. The second is a CaCHE-funded literature review on tenant participation and its impacts in the private rented sector.

Lisa’s previous work at the Centre has included the evaluation of Sistema Scotland’s ‘Big Noise’ children’s orchestras as a social intervention, as well as the Neighbourhood Change project, which involved working with peer researchers and using creative methods of data collection.  Before joining the Centre, Lisa worked in the third sector.