Miniature Glasgow

As an extension of our work profiling Glasgow’s health and in order to encourage discussion about life and health in the city, we worked in collaboration with the International Futures Forum to produce a short film about the city, Miniature Glasgow. This innovative film, inspired by the Miniature Earth concept of a community of 100 people, provides a simple and engaging narrative about diversity, health inequality and socioeconomic issues in the city. 

Miniature Glasgow the city in 100 peopleThe aim is to present information about the city and its people in an accessible way. We have also produced a set of infographics with updated population information, illustrating the composition of Glasgow’s population in different age groups, as well as the variation in population characteristics across the city.

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Miniature Cities

Following on from the successful Miniature Glasgow film, we developed our first European project working with colleagues in Gothenburg. Through this collaboration we produced a film comparing the lives, lifestyles and circumstances of people living in Glasgow and Gothenburg.

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